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How to Avoid Thanksgiving Throwdowns

Thanksgiving is known for turkey, football, and a chance to spend quality time with loved ones. Yet for some, hot heads and relative rivalries can ruin the good vibes at family gatherings. If you dread going to your holiday get-together for fear of getting mixed up in a family fight club, here are some tips to make your Thanksgiving go smoothly:

  1. Pray about it. Sticky subjects, unforgiveness, and personality clashes may never be resolved by talking, but putting these difficult issues in God’s hands is a sure way to get the best results.


  1. Hold your peace. Some relatives have a knack for pushing your buttons by bringing up the past or commenting on your weight or relationship status. If (and when) that happens, bite your tongue. Your silence will diffuse a potential situation; no one can argue by themselves.


  1. Don’t go. Some relationships are just plain volatile, and this might be the year to do something different. Instead of readying for battle, go with a spouse or friend to their family gathering, host your own dinner at home, or sign up to serve at a local soup kitchen.

You don’t have to navigate family matters on your own. Michigan Park is here to help. Contact the church office at 202-526-3355 to make a counseling appointment with Pastor Owens or add your family’s name to our monthly prayer list.

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