Happy Holidates! 4 Funtastic Christmas Season Date Night Ideas

Toward the end of the year, the breakneck speed of the world we live in thankfully starts to slow down. People begin to focus a bit less on work and more on family and their social calendars, which makes it a perfect season for couples to be more intentional about spending quality time together.

Quality time in relationships is a must. Demanding jobs, bills, kids, and other home and family obligations are the “little foxes” that can cause a couple to become overwhelmed, bored or grow apart. One of the best ways to keep your bond strong and vibrant. is to commit to a consistent date night schedule.

Michigan Park’s Marriage Ministry recognizes the need for couples to connect outside of regular routines. Once a month, the Marriage Ministry presents, “Date Night @ the Park,” a free dinner event that has become a lively forum for relationship topics such as, exercising good communication skills, fighting fair, and rejuvenating romance.

This month, the Marriage Ministry is adding a memorable twist to its date night offering.  On Friday, December 15 at 7pm, Michigan Park will host a holiday party with food, games, music, and a gift exchange. Complimentary childcare will be available.

Here are a few other date night ideas you may want to include on your Christmas season calendar:

  1. Pop some popcorn, curl up on the sofa, and watch your favorite Christmas movie together
  2. Get in the car, turn on some old school romantic songs and ride by neighborhood Christmas light displays or visit the Festival of Lights at Watkins Park.
  3. Grab some egg nog at the grocery store, visit a local craft store for supplies, and have your own paint and sip with your sweetie by painting ornaments for your tree.

Whatever “holidate” plans you make this season, make it memorable. For more information about Michigan Park’s Marriage Ministry holiday party, please contact Sherrita Rogers in the church office at 202-526-3355 or via email at: srogers@michiganparkcc.com.

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