Good Grief: 3 Ways to Beat Holiday Blues After Loss

The pain of losing someone you love can take the joy out of your Thanksgiving, particularly if this is your first or second celebration without them. However, there are a few small things you can do to boost your spirits and those around you at your family’s holiday dinner gathering:

  1. Launch a family food challenge in your loved one’s honor. If nobody made a banana pudding like Grandma or if Pop Pop’s sausage stuffing was unmatched, put some of your relatives who enjoy cooking to the test. Set up judges and offer a monetary prize to whoever can get closest to their beloved recipes.


  1. Play games. Beating your bragging cousin at Spades can put an instant smile on your face. If cards aren’t your game, there’s Madden, Twister, Chess, or any number of group games to take your mind off your grief.


  1. Watch a comedy on demand. Laughter is like medicine, and for those who may want an alternative to viewing sports, a funny movie may be just what’s needed to lighten the mood.

If you are struggling with grief this holiday season, don’t isolate yourself. Michigan Park’s Elders are available to talk and pray with you. Reach out to Elder Rosetta James through the church office at 202-526-3355 to schedule a visit.


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    Barbara L. Owens says

    My family and I watched a comedy on the fly! Laughter filled the room and joy filled our hearts. Thank you for posting this suggestion on beating the grief!

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